The gateway to the age of biology

in Latin America

The old path
Extract and consume. Entire value chains are squeezed between logistic, environmental, and consumer changes.
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The biosynthetic path
Biology-driven design and manufacture. We use genetics, bioprocesses and Al-supported automation to create radical new value.
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Granatum provides B2B customers with a competitive edge through the engineering of living matter.

We use designed microorganisms to make hyper-concentrated soil prebiotics, which accelerate crop performance BOTH economically and environmentally

Our business model

Granatum integrates into value chains, Scale without the burn in Customer Acquisition.

Capital efficient: stack capabilities, no basic R&D, no idle infrastructure

Our customers achieve technology leadership without sunk costs

Focus: LATAM market pains and industry incumbents

Our capabilities and model

the Granatum bio-lab
We give microorganisms new abilities using genetics
the Granatum bio-fab
Our custom microorganisms are put to work at commercial scale.

Service-Based Revenue

  • Design and produce our propietary microorganisms
  • Developed expertise in gene-editing and sequencing
  • Genotyping Sequencing and DNA-editing.

Product-Based Revenue

  • High-yield bioprocesses to create specialty ingredients
  • Downstream, regulation-compliant post-processing

Our team

José T. Otero



Molecular Biology


B.S. Biotech

KAUST (Saudí)

NUS (Singapore)

Ilse Álvarez


Product integration and experience

Technology businesses

Plant Biology

B.S. Biotech

Intl. Business

(NE. Eindhoven)

Monica Serrano 




Olympic athlete (MEX)

B.S. Biotech

M.S. Prod mgmt (TEC)

Carlos Solares 


10Y Industrial executive, Turnarounds, M&A

>USD$200m in contracts with global companies

B.S. Chem Eng (Mexico)

B.S. Biotech (Germany)

MBA (MIT ’16)

Dr. Andres Wankerl

Materials Science Faculty

Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology

Dr. José González-Valdez

Centro de Biotecnología FEMSA

Bioprocesses & synthetic bio Focus Group – Director

Our enterprise collaborations

Reduce carbon and water footprint of a global brewery, by optimizing crop yield using our proprietary organic biostimulants.

Implement regenerative agriculture and help achieve Net Zero targets with a leading breadmaker.

Accelerate replennishment of renewable materials and climate change resilience with global forestry pioneers.

Driving category growth and differentiatiors using DNA-customization with nutrition supplements brands.
Our achievements so far…
Mexico’s Central Bank award for transformative AgTech
2 Fully functional product platforms
4 LATAM markets with regulatory approval (USDA+EFSA due in 2024)



(d i s r u p t i v e) – the spark in your DNA to challenge conventional paths. The expression of honest, inventive and ingenious.
We work with people and companies who use mind, hand and heart to create new paths for growth.